Telegram获取用户ID( working to reduce impact of rising cost of living, says Kiandee

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,Agriculture and Food Industries Minister Ronald Kiandee says the government is trying to minimise the impact of spiralling food prices. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, June 30, 2022.

THE government’s move to set a ceiling price for chicken and eggs is so people can buy them for less than the actual price, according to Agriculture and Food Industries Minister Ronald Kiandee.

He said chicken was one product directly subsidised by the government.

“The Malaysian government wants to ensure that it can minimise the impact of the increase in food costs on the people.

“That is why we are taking various measures including subsidising the price of some types of food,” he said in Putrajaya today.

On June 29, the cabinet announced that the new ceiling price for standard chicken was RM9.40/kg, while the retail ceiling price of grade A chicken eggs was 45 sen each, grade B eggs at 43 sen each and grade C eggs at 41 sen each in Peninsular Malaysia, effective July 1.

Kiandee said it would cost RM360 million to subsidise prices.

“That is a step taken to reduce the impact of the rising cost of living that the people are experiencing,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kiandee said the food security committee, which will be formed through the co-operation of the federal and state governments, will be a catalyst for more efficient and sustainable resource management.

“The empowerment of the agri-food sector will be implemented through increased productivity, strengthening of support systems and services as well as efficient and sustainable resource management,” he said.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister I *** ail Sabri Yaakob said that food security committees will be set up at state and district levels to ensure the federal and state governments can implement the National Food Security Policy Action Plan 2021-2025 in a synergistic manner. – Bernama, June 30, 2022.


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